What To Remember When Buying O-RingDrive Belts?

O ring belts have proved to be of massive and wide use in the material handling industry. They are used in live roller conveyor belts such as powered rolling conveyors and lineshaft conveyors, as well as in power transmission related applications. Popular for the ability to handle light and heavier, medium duty applications, these are a favorite among industry managers.

Round O Ring Belts

Choosing a round belt is a matter of detailed consideration of several factors. The first factor is the color. Belts come in several colors such as clear, orange, red, ether, green, blue, brown, etc. To suit your conveyor machine and production, you can buy rings of different shades among these colors too.

The next thing you must look out for is the durometer. Durometer refers to the hardness of the o ring drive belts and is variable. For best operational results, you should check with the belts to see if their tensile strength is compatible and a few measures above your product for transmission. Melting and pre load stretching are deciding factors of working efficiently and elongation.

The round belts are made of different types of materials, all of which cater to different size, strength and elasticity requirements. Buna-N, neoprene, polyurethane, and rubber are the most famous of all. They effectively operate under different temperature and pressure conditions.
The size of your belt should be able to withstand the friction and elongation required by the pulley. In some cases, belts are needed to turn 90° to adjust with the axis of the pulley.

Usage of Belts

Round o ring belt is used in a few typical power-transmission based applications, which includes industrial conveying, machinery packaging, photocopiers, printers, and also imaging equipment. The belt's overall length and size specifications depend on the pulley, which would accommodate the belt. Once the conveyor's dimensions are determined, the belts are plugged into a length calculator which is to deem what is best.

Choosing an endless drive belt is a matter of ease if you do a little research as guided. If you buy o ring drive belt once you have checked with all its features, it can serve your conveyors for getting maximum output and increased productivity very smoothly.